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3 of the most under-rated attractions in Darwin

Darwin certainly packs a punch when it comes to attractions. Especially for a city of its size. And while we're known for crocodiles and sunset markets, we're also the home of some unexpected attractions that you won't always see in the tourist magazines. Here's a few that we've chosen that we think that every visit to Darwin should include.

Palmerston Water Park

This surprising addition to our list is the perfect spot to take the family firstly, because it's free! And secondly, because... just look at the size of that 6-lane racing waterslide! Wow! Local kids love it here, and families come from all over Darwin to enjoy a free day out. It's also perfectly located across the road from the great dining and shopping of The Gateway shopping precinct where you can grab lunch or even watch a movie at the brand new Event Cinemas. There's splash pools for the little ones and those big slides for the thrill seekers. And of course we already mentioned that entry to the Park is free!

Mangrove Boardwalks

Unsurprisingly as a tropical and seawater-surrounded city, Darwin has a lot of mangroves. And local councils and the NT government have, as part of their commitment to protect them, have constructed excellent walking trails and boardwalks around them. The Rapid Creek Mangrove Boardwalk in our middle northern suburbs is easily accessible by bus or car from the Darwin CBD. The East Point mangrove walk is services by the hop-on, hop-off Big Bus and various tours including the Tour tub. And the Casuarina Coastal Reserve's mangrove walk has a raised steel walk that a large part actually goes underwater during high tide! Naturally between October and May you should always take extra care in mangroves and stay on the walkways only as mangroves are also very popular with our other residents... crocodiles!

The Chinese Temple at the Chung Wah Society

The Chinese community of Darwin has been in Darwin since before Darwin was Darwin. And that is reflected in a rich integration of Chinese culture and tradition in to the broader Darwin community. You can see part of this for yourself at the Chinese Temple in Darwin's CBD. The Darwin Chinese Temple is not restricted to Taoists. It is in fact shared by Buddhists, Taoists and Confucius followers. Chinese people from mainland China, Hong Kong, Timor and Taiwan regularly attend this Temple and a full year of celebrations is carried out. The Temple isn't always open due to a shortage of volunteer staff to greet you, but it's worth calling ahead to see when it is. It's definitely worth seeing, and only a 6-7 minute walk from our resort. Just ask our staff to find out for you when it's open so you don't miss it.