Palms City Resort in Darwin City

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All aboard the Big Red Bus

We’re lucky here at the Palm City Resort. We’re surrounded by some of Darwin’s most exciting and beautiful attractions AND we get to share them with our guests.
But we know what it’s like being in a new city. You want to make sure that you squeeze in all the best bits, but you often don’t know where to start.
Should you hire a car? But then you’ve got to navigate unfamiliar roads.
And get petrol.
And find parking.

We’ve got a better idea. Just take the bus. Darwin’s own Big Bus, that is.

You want to be able to take in the sights without the stress, and the Big Bus tour lets you do just that.

You can choose between either 24 or 48-hour tickets, which you can buy online or on the bus. The closest bus stop is at the Tourist Information Centre, which is just around the corner from the Resort. Don’t worry, we’ll give you directions.

It’s a hop-on, hop-off tour, so you’re not locked in to a tour that seems to go on and on. Once you reach a place you want to explore, you just hop off the bus. Then, once you’ve finished, you just wait for the bus to roll around again and hop back on.
It’s that easy.

The Bus follows two routes, which include all our favourite places in Darwin. The Military Museum, the Waterfront, the Cullen Bay Marina…well, come and see it all for yourself! And you can put away that clumsy guidebook. During the tour you’ll get information about the sites you visit from a real Darwin local.

We think it will make your trip to Darwin a lot more relaxed – which is what we’re all about here in the Top End!

Author: Sam Saunders -